Lisa Marie Belter graduated in 1992 from ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) with a Bachelor's Degree in "Visual Communications" (Graphic Design). Belter Communications was created in 1995.

She had numerous art shows in her 20's and is just now starting to pick up her paintbrush again. First art show in 20+ years to be held next year, 2018. (Please see art work below, 2 ITEMS for SALE by previous collectors.)

This sample page is a collection of logo work over the past 18 years.




In her 20's Lisa Belter had three major art shows that she produced herself. The first theme was based on a black and white technique that she learnt from her teacher while on a mobility program in Detroit Michigan 1990-1991.

"The technique is interesting, because you actually paint white on white and opposite of drawing (you paint the highlights, not the darks), then wash with black ink.

Many people were disturbed by the boldness of the images, but in reality I picked them for their depth of grey variance so I could use the technique, and this is where I was at in my 20's - confused, daring, aggressive, sexy, bold, powerful."

"It's true that to be a great artist you must suffer. Depth only comes from useful pain and inquiry into the unknown." — Lisa Belter