Chinese Cooking and my ENERGY Lesson

It is January 7th, 2018 today.

Yesterday was an interesting AWARENESS WIN.

I have noticed a smell in our hallways at times. At first I thought it was someone's garbage, as it smelt really strong and putrid. It went away, then would come back. However, I noticed that the smell was almost identical. Maybe it's Chinese Cooking? We have a lot of great ethnicitices in this 37 floor high-rise and the Chinese like to good interesting items with different spices than we use in the West.

So I thought how could I solve that? I plugged in a diffuser outside of my door with mint aromatherapy for about two hours. We came back and it hardly cut through the thickness of the smell. What about my Indian incense? So I set a holder outside my door and lit the smoke slowly drift into the hallway.

A knock came at the door an hour later. It was the security guard telling me that there was a complaint about MY SMELL. Hmmmm I thought. That's really interesting. I am offended by the cooking smell and they are offended by my incense smell. 

My immediate thought was to just put my incense inside my door and let it sneak out the cracks. Then I asked myself "is that a win win for both parties?" No it was not. So what solution could I create that would be a win win?

I thought about it yesterday and the whole day today. When I came home this afternoon and walked out of the elevator, out into that familiar smell, I said to myself "isn't it great that we have all of these great and different people in the building." And I kid you not, the smell changed to more clarity of spices and cooking than old garbage being left out. It was transcended in a way. 

That is a total breakthrough in two ways. One I didn't FIGHT or BEAT down the problem by trying to out smart it, or use my "sneaky" self to beat out the competition. (I was going to burn incense right near my door and hope that it would cover up the smell). I actually looked for a win win and asked how could I change my mindset?

That was a very freeing moment and it brings a smile to my face as I write this. I was grateful for the lesson. Celebrate the small wins and small awareness awakenings. 

I also noticed there was an underlying reaction as well because I had visitors come over on New Year's Eve and thought "oh my they are going to be revolted by the smell and think I live in this terrible place." Which was just an old thought wave from when I lived in less than desirable places. This is a very expensive high-rise building. So I can go to work on that as well. 

What a blessing in the lesson.

Lisa Marie - Let it be. Warrior Today.

ENERGY Win Yesterday

It's January 6th, 2018.

Big win for me yesterday in the ENERGY. I signed up my first client under my new product offering for TELOS Consulting Ltd.

I had created a new concept for my company that would now offer a "90 Days Sales Challenge" to companies who wanted to catapult their movement, momentum and financial success into 2018. 

I made a goal:  I am winning at attractant a minimum of 3-5 great, new, fun, exciting clients for the month of January, at $5000 Canadian per month for 3 months. With ease, flow, grace, reverence and better than I could imagine.

I met this amazing couple at a workshop. When I left I realized that I do see the world differently. I pick up on imbalances on all levels from marketing to words not communication the exact intent of the author, feng Shui, signage, paper thickness, you name it, I see it. However, I use to criticize and pick away at it in a way that was not productive. Seeing that something could be made better or could use refinement is a gift, however the greater gift is in HOW IT'S DELIVERED.

Well I had my first meeting with this great couple in Calgary on Friday. They own a successful upholstery business for cars. They are an amazing example of two people working together and fulfilling each other in a way that brings them abundance, fulfillment and love. I really feel grateful and blessed that the ENERGY brought them to me with my goal setting and constant action. (And side note: Thank you to Alexander Ford for making that initial connection through his one day course at SAIT that was absolutely amazing.)

The win is that I wrote a goal, TOOK ACTION, and stayed in the ENERGY flow and out of the Matrix and also documented my wins throughout the day. Because the Matrix likes you to feel like your not winning, so to let your brain know that you are winning, you WRITE WINS! You document your successes each time your WIN (they call them upticks), so that you do know you are winning at having a great life.

I continue the practice that I do each day with the ENERGY for SUCCESS tribe, by calling my clients each day at the same time. They get to share where they "WON" today and they get to build momentum with me as their guide, their witness and facilitator. I am not a coach. I am facilitation, so that you getting what you what. And you start to see that YOU WINNING AT THE GAME OF LIFE.

So I now show up with the ENERGY to deliver my wisdom, what I can see (like inefficiencies, boredom within the culture), use my creativity with fun, joy and reverence for others. That is a huge change with me since using the ENERGY. I have to stop and pause some times and just thank my lucky STARS that I crossed paths with Dr. B and the ENERGY for SUCCESS world tribe. 

This group really fuels me each day. I get on these amazing calls with people from all areas and walks of life, who SHARE their wins of the day, week or in the moment. This is so helpful that it just keeps the momentum going, so you don't fall off your surfboard. Ride the wave of life with ease and glide and have it be BETTER THAN you COULD HAVE IMAGINED day, week and year.

What if you could create the life you wanted, exactly the way you wanted it to unfold? What if you could get support that was magical and showed up in your life with ease? Well it's waiting for you. You just need to sign up, get into action and get the support you have been waiting for 365 days a year.

What are you waiting for?


Most Sincerely,

Lisa Marie Belter - Gung Ho Warrior Today.




My Journey with the ENERGY

It's January 3rd, 2018. 6:40 am.

I have moved Sarah and I to the East Village. This is a big change for the both of us. And it's true, you think the grass is greener when you don't appreciate what you have. You think that it's going to be all positive and then you realize a few things, that it's neither good nor bad that we moved. 

I can say though, that the SUNRISES that comes over the EAST bank are spectacular! I couldn't have asked for a better way to wake up in the morning than to see God's light shining through into my space. It's like getting an energy boost when you connect with our source energy.

If you really think about it, what WOULD you/we/I do without the sun? What kind of planet would this be without the sun? It would be cold and dark. Who wants cold and dark after the past few weeks of darkness as the hours were at the shortness and it was -40C with windchill?

I prefere to HONOR the sun. It feeds all things on this planet and lets us grow up and grow roots down. As above so below.

AND the FULL MOON, the largest of the SUPER MOONS was in full view out our front window. It was a golden egg yellow yesterday night as it came up past the horizon. For me the MOON is my MUSE. I love looking at the moon. On the FULL MOON on Monday, Sarah and sat on our balcony on the 12th floor dressed head to toe in snow gear and just sat, played and gazed at the moon. What a treasure to hold in my heart. Such a small thing, however to be able to be OUTSIDE on the super full moon in Cancer night was a dream come true. The city and all of it's lights, the Calgary Tower in a pattern of blues ... it was spectacular! Grateful for where I live and the view I have. So that is a BIG BIG win for me. That will fuel me for this whole month as I see the moon gentle wane back down to the New Moon.

I wanted to set a goal to journal each day something I can be grateful for, that showed up in my life because I am in FLOW and in the ENERGY. To document a win that came up for me while using the ENERGY. This is key.

For those of you who don't know about Dr. B and ENERGY for SUCCESS, well you are missing out on one of life's greatest discoveries. Dr. B is an amazing man. He has journeyed FOR US to CHINA, is a Grand MASTER, and is now sharing 5000 old ancient Chinese secrets. Just like the commercial once said.

His methodologies are simple, easy to use and the objective is to move your life FORWARD. You have a choice in each moment, each day of EXPANDING or CONTRACTING. What are you going to choose right now? What are you going to choose when you feel like crap or you feel anxiety or you feel like the world is going to end for you? 

How are you going to REACH for the ENERGY?

Simple. Do a 2 or 15 min exercise and get back into the flow. Get your body on line and in the zone not in the dead zone. Make a choice to SHIFT your awareness. "I am feeling like I am not going to make it today." Awareness. Now, ACTION. Write a goal:  "I am winning at expressing the best aspects of myself to my community with ease, flow and grace and most of all, FUN." Then you move into 2nd ACTION, you ACT. You do a quick breathing exercise by taking a breath and drawing it down to your feet to get replanted. You send that energy down into the EARTH and draw back up it's source energy into your body and radiate it out. Just a quick reconnection with the ENERGY. It's simple and there are no excuses for not doing a 20 second thought exercise. Keep going and build momentum until you feel that shift. Even if you have to set your timer on your Apple watch every 15 minutes to remind you to BREATH. STOP holding your breath. BREATH.

Once you see how easy it is to REACH for the ENERGY and get back on your surfboard, the more fun, vitality and enjoyment you will be having throughout your day. It will just FLOW. It will just be easier. Life doesn't have to be hard. Write a goal! "I am winning at life being easy, fun and full of adventure!" I am not saying there will not be challenges. It's how you dance around your challenges that makes all the difference.

I made a goal to get up each day and do some kind of exercises, be it meditation, journaling, writing, meditations or listening to Dr. B's videos to GET IN THE ENERGY from 6:00 am until 6:40 am. So far so amazing. I am in the flow this am. I am sharing my story day by day. Which also was triggered and nudged by a movie Sarah and I watched on New Year's Day. Julie and Julia. Where a blogger writes about her daily experiences while cooking Julia Child's recipes each day. It's like a marathon for 365 days. She builds, and builds a community until she finally reaches her goal. Tell you the truth I didn't watch the end, however I can only imagine that Julia Child must come for dinner in the end, or they meet some how. 

So why not do my own blog each day while I am in the ENERGY and share the transformation that will occur and see the magic that can and will unfold in my life. Journaling is the best remedy for getting what is in your mind onto paper, out in space and time so to speak. To make the intangible, tangible.

I signed up for ENERGY for SUCCESS on the Winter's Solstice, and then by the time logistics got set up on the other end, as I registered with the wrong link, it became official that I registered on Christmas Eve Day, which is just as fabulous. I re-set the year with an ACTION to make my life all that it could be. To live a full life. The life I know exists.

More importantly I joined a COMMUNITY. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton has always been saying this. FORM a community of like minded people that you want to BUILD something with. So I finally found it, I found the kind of community that believes in possibility, reaching all of your goals, have an extraordinary life based in REALITY. A community that believes in ACTION and setting goals. A community who SUPPORTS and cheers each other on each and every day. 365 days a year. 

I mean this community is on the PHONE on a conference call 365 days a year! Can you imagine that kind of phone support? Unheard of. Dr. B is brilliant. Thank you for this.

You get on a call each day with one of Dr. B's fabulous facilitators and you listen and share your win(s) for the day. It catapults you into a mindset of "let's get going!" and let's get moving into the light EXPANDING not focusing on what's NOT working.

I spent so much of my past complaining and criticizing others about what could be better. Well people (and i am taking to myself first here) you need to get on the FIELD to play. It's no good complaining from the rush seats when you could be contributing and PARTICIPATING and making things better for everyone with your talent with your awareness with your gifts.

I have seen this in my relationships too. No wonder I am not married. I spend my time beating these poor guys up and punishing them for being human or having quirks or NOT DOING it the way I wanted or thought was right. Shutting down. Not communication. Fighting, yelling, arguing. This is not the LIGHT source, that is the Matrix. Where do you want to play?

Man did I have some great MEN come into my life. I got rid of them with my criticizing and picking away at their self-esteem and condemning them for NOT being perfect. What a trap that is. STAY out of the MATRIX trap ladies and start infusing your men with your LIGHT and LOVE. That is the feminine gift. SHE is the FLOW, you are the love, the movement forward. Birth something GREAT each day and receive the love, be open to love, accept love, cherish love.

So what are you waiting for? What are you going to compliment your man on today? Any man for that matter. When are you going to light up like a Christmas tree when that man opens the door for you or let's you in line at the checkout? 

Men need a LIGHT SHOW, so why not give it to them? Nothing better than a woman who is filled with joy and light to smile back and say thank you with her whole body. This is simple.

This is simple MATH. 1+1 = 2

Keep adding to that math equation by the little steps each day. BUILDING momentum is the key. Stay on your surfboard! You may have to dance back with a wave, however let your body flow with ease and ride the wave of life with full glory.

I had yet another ephany on SUNDAY. I took Sarah my six year old daughter to Westside King's Church because she loves JESUS. And I don't know how or where, but she loves JESUS. And it's her that brought the church back into my life. And this is about COMMUNITY and staying in the energy. Ever notice how you go to church and then when you leave you usually feel better? You feel a sense of peace some how? Well that's the ENERGY working with you.

ENERGY is a partnership. You both give 50%. You put in your ACTIONS, exercises into the day and especially when you don't feel like it. That's when it counts in a relationship. Easy to do when you feel great to smile and put your best self forward. But when it's one of those crazy hairy days, well that's when you get tested to pull from your inner resources, and REACH for the energy to FUEL you back into flow. It's simple.

OH ya, the ephany I had at Church. I am standing up with Sarah in front of me. We are swaying back and forth with the live music. And they have an amazing band, let me tell you. It moved me, the blonde singer moved me that day.

I had this thought of "my purpose is to share the light" and I am already doing it. I am already on purpose. This is my purpose, share the light, and share my authentic self using the light. Express all of my dreams and my desires. 

How easy is that? Build community, build greatness, build change, make a difference on this planet by infusing it with LIGHT and LOVE and JOY and for sure ... FUN! Why not have fun while we are living here on this planet? 

Side note/memory: The most bliss I can have is when I am on the golf course in PHX with my sister Terri. We are laughing, playing and cheering each other on. Talking about only things girls really want to hash and rehash and laugh about. We are being active, we are PLAYING, we are being together, we are family. My best days ever, laughing with Terri. So blessed to have her as my sister.

So here we go today. Here we go being in full throttle in the ENERGY. Being that light source and taking ACTION to get what I want out of life. To teach, to share, to engage, to explore, to have fun and be more than you ever thought possible. To have the best day ever as Mr. Avocado would say.

So today is going to be a great day. I am counting my WINS, and I already have a few ... got up when I said I would 6 am. Did 3 12 minute meditations, did some body exercises, documented the wins to keep the flow going, made some ACTIONABLE goals today to get me to where I want to be long term.

The big goal for today, is to revamp my COURSES section on my website so it reflects the opportunities I have to teach and share this methodology with others. Make some calls to move things forward (Suzanne, Mogens, Brian, Gillian.)

Don't wait. Take some action, no matter how small to set the ENERGY in the right direction, the right flow. Be EXPANDING today.

Have a great day—create it the way you want to live a life of being in the ZONE!

Lisa Marie - Today: Lightening Warrior.

Uncovering the Meaning Behind Pain

In my last blog I mentioned that I had fixed some of my neck issues using a technique called NeuroMovement© and the Feldenkrais Method.©  However, I also mentioned that my body (back) got worse shortly after. 

Again, to recap, there was that magical night of free form dancing, flow, and a feeling of being youthful. I felt alive and fully in my body and totally amazed at how the week had seemed to feel so free and less stressful. The following week I was starting to feel fatigued, and less energetic–like a tire losing it's air. I remember going to a business lunch function downtown. It was two hours of uninspiring lectures in bad seats. As I was walking back to my car I felt like my feet were not working so well, it felt odd to walk in my high heel shoes, like they weren't fitting me right as I felt wobbly. I thought perhaps it was time to get a new pair of shoes.

I went for lunch with a friend a few days later. He could tell that I was in pain and mentioned that he had a great ART (Active Release Therapy) Chiropractor that I could see. Unfortunately he was away on holidays and not available until the following week. He asked  if he could walk me to my car. I politely declined and said that my next appointment (with my chiropractor) wasn't for an hour and that I would sit here and wait until I had to leave.

After my friend left I sensed that my back was really seized up to the point where I asked the waitress if she could assist me to the washroom as my own attempt sent a sharp pain in my lower back and hips. I couldn't do it, I couldn't move without it being embarrassing and agonizing. So I sat back down and called my boyfriend to see if he could come and take me to my appointment.

He arrived shortly, and promptly tried to assist me to the washroom. It was painful, slow and awkward. Thankfully I had got to relieve my bladder because I only made it three steps out of the ladies room when my guy said "do you want me to call an ambulance?" It was obvious I wasn't going anywhere and that the pain had gotten to an immobilizing level.

Long story short, there was nothing they could do in Emergency for my back pain.

I lay in my hospital bed trying to think what the hell happened. What did I do to get this bad? I had only had one bad back issue, but that a was due to a long drive competition. Perhaps I put my back out doing these slow movement sessions I was engaged in? I was horrified at the thought, as the lessons had been so effective and healing.

The doctor gave me a prescription for pain killers, Tylenol and sent me on my way. Only problem was it took us almost an hour to get myself into a wheelchair and in the car. Apparently morphine makes you vomit if you don't tolerate it well. 

The doctor also gave me a Mayo Clinic handout for exercises to do for strengthening my lower back. He told me that I had to keep moving and do these exercises as soon as I got home. Gratefully I knew better. My pain was at such a level that it wasn't even possible anyway. (And note to the readers, if your muscles are in spasm and freaking out, stretching is perhaps not going to calm them down, they are stress already.)

I spent the next three days laying on my back, not sleeping and in total disbelief about how things had gone from great to not so great to terrible. I had lots of time to think. Recounting the steps to the lessons I did, the dancing, the bike riding. Anything. How did this happen?

I went to my chiropractor (yes, here we go again, sucker for punishment) and he adjusted my sacrum. Not the right thing to do for my condition at that time but honestly I was desperate. I thought I was going to have a panic or heart attack on my way home. This felt worse not better. I managed to pick my daughter up from daycare and head straight home.

I spent the next two days laying as still as possible, hoping that not moving was going make it better. I had an upcoming appointment with my friend's ART chiropractor the next day as I was desperate, but was reluctant and hesitant. Everyone kept telling me that their chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist was the best. I trusted in my friend only because he was a big sports enthusiast and had tried many other modalities before. He like his guy. This chiropractor fixed you, and then you went on your way. NO repeated visits once a week for months on end, or even a life time. 

The ART therapy made a lot of sense. My psoas muscles were so tight that the pain of getting them to relax was worth it. I actually felt like there was some relief and motion forward. However, that night I couldn't get comfortable and I was in such pain that I laid on my floor beside my bed trying to find some position that would relieve the stress in my back and neck. I did allow the chiropractor to adjust my lower spine (again, this technique is not for me, and I am not sure why I needed four chiropractors to figure this out!)

I was grasping at straws now in my mind, so I asked my inner-self, "What can I do to help myself? What tools can I access?"

I had a memory pop into my mind. I was remembering listening to a Bruce Lipton podcast where he was reviewing his book The Biology of Belief. The idea is that it's our environment that has an impact on our perception, not our genes. Up until the age of seven our brains are in an Delta/Theta state. A state that is in hypnosis and is highly programable. You are actually recording events, ideals and family rules as a way to adapt to your environment. Only problem is, about 70% of this programming is negative. 

We run these tapes on automatic pilot after that. Our so called 'consciousness' is actually just repeated patterns, negative self talk, and "shoulds" and 'should nots." This program was essential in our development, a way to adapt into our environments so we could be a part of family and community systems. 

What do you do when you have not so great mirroring and programming? Well for me this looked like an insecurity about who I was and what my worth was in the world. I was continually searching for why and how and who I was. This has been a fabulous journey, I love learning, however if it's not empowering your life and moving your forward, then what's the point?

My relationship communication was breaking down, my work prospects were nil, I had run through all of my savings, lines of credit and now was boring money from my sister. So how was all of this searching, courses and book reading, assisting me survive in the world? And what did this have to do with my back?

I thought about Bruce's talk and how he mentioned that the only way to reprogram the old patterns was through hypnosis, subliminal tapes, conscious re-writing of negative self talk, pictures and ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY. 

I remember from his website that he mentioned "Tapping" or EFT. So I searched on my phone for "pain relief" and "tapping." I found a couple of videos and followed the lessons. Well you may not believe this, but my pain did diminish a tiny bit, however the break-through was the emotions that came up while I was doing the technique. The guy in the video was reminding us to watch for what emotions also came up as we were saying and tapping the script to deal with our pain. 

I had this notion of me dancing and how I felt. Then I remembered that my legs were actually really tired, the music was too loud for me but I continued to dance. Why? I dug in deeper. Ah-ha moment, "needing approval." I was dancing to prove that I was a capable of following the lead of my friend, that I could dance as much as he could and with grace, and I was worthy (old pattern).

I paused for a second. Dancing? Really, was it the dancing that started this cascading physical distress? I stood up, and held the posture I was in most of the night. Yup, there it was the searing pain in my pack and neck re-experienced as a flood of body memory. 

I continued with the EFT and was able to get through many passes of collapsing the idea of me needing approval from my friend, from my family, from my teachers. From anyone. It was a very freeing moment to realize, for me the hidden gift in my injury.

Needing approval can put us in situations that are not aligned with what we truly need or want. Your body has a way of giving you signals via your thoughts and emotions. If you don't pay attention to them, well you get what you won't look at.

Some of you may feel that this article is a bit "woo-woo" however I am not writing about your life, I am writing about my life, my EXPERIENCES, and what I did to transform the pain I was experiencing. Also, it was a wake up call to start moving more, start walking and exercising to keep this body stable and in harmony.

In good health and discovery.

Lisa Marie


My experience with Neuro-Movement©.

I have always enjoyed learning about my body, my mind, and the bigger why of life. I am more of a "recombinant" self-healer–combining philosophies, methodologies and sciences, than a believer in just one way of doing, thinking and being. Neil Donald Walsch once wrote (and I am not religious) that, "God wants to know himself in MANY ways." So there isn't one way for all, there are multitudes of ways to explore your life, and discover what works for you.

I came back from a ten day educational course in Houston, Texas by Dr. John Demartini (Empyreance I). It was 13 to 15 hour days of sitting in a chair (my choice), learning about the mysteries of the Universe with over 250 'ologies' revealed, such as, geology, astrology, astronomy, theology, etc.

Into the second day of the course, my chest felt like I had a dagger going through it, I could barely sit in the chair upright without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. (I had experience this discomfort weeks before the course, but thought it due to stress.)

The overwhelm of the long days was taking its' toll on my body as my physical discomfort of irritation, lack of focus, not sleeping or being able to relax continued. I thought to myself that the reason for my pain was more about the emotional aspects of how long the days were. Even though the subject matter was interesting, I wasn't getting that normal mind expansion high you feel when learning new and interesting things that are meaningful.

How was I going to get through the next nine days? Was I going to be the one who got up and left the room because it was too much? No. No. I was going to tough it out, and not listen to my body. "I can do this" I told myself. I love learning, and here is the mack-daddy of all courses–I wasn't going to miss a thing.

I decided to ask one of the chiropractors in the room to help fix my imbalance as it was impeding on my learning and staying focused. He concluded that my rib was out of place and thus was putting pressure onto my organs. He very beautifully corrected it. I also let him work on my neck and lower back for the remaining of the course.

What I didn't realize was that the stress of the course, the sitting and the correction actually wasn't so perfect for me. I came back to Calgary, and within two days suffered from the onset of Tinnitus, headaches, insomnia and a depressed outlook on life. I went into the hospital twice as the pain was unbearable, and the thought of this ringing in my ear–never stopping I was told, was going to drive me crazy. 

How can I been this unhappy and have my body this out of sorts? My friends reassured me that the stress of losing my job the month prior in a depressed economy was the main cause for my stress. I agreed it had been a big blow to my self-esteem and it was hard considering my circumstances. 

My repeated visits to my home chiropractors, yes I tried two different modalities, did not work for me at that time, if anything my headaches got worse and my symptoms reoccurred after some of the treatments. (Note: this isn't a blog about chiropractors as they do tremendous work, the idea is to listen more to the body and what it needs, and to slow down and "feel" what your body is sensing and communicating to you.)

Big lesson to learn. Who said I had to sit in the chair? Who said I couldn't stand and follow along? Who said I had to stay in the room for the whole time? I wasn't taking care of what I needed NOW.

Eight months later.

I was listening to a radio podcast on Dave Asprey's site. I was intrigued by the interview with Anat Baniel who is an expert in the field of Neuro Movement© and who has had much success treating children with disabilities, and adults of all ages. I ordered two of her books and went to work on the methodologies about slowing down the body, feeling, and sensing with attention, and using variation. I also looked up videos about the Feldenkrais method (in which Anat gained her initial training), and I found some YouTube Videos by Alfons that made sense to me to start with the basics of the Feldenkrais Method.  

Well I fixed my neck and headaches. Completely. And it gets better. (Then worse, but I'll save that for my next blog.) I felt this freedom in my body to express itself, and actually felt joy walking and moving about. Everything seemed to move with more ease and flow, and it was all because of slowing down my body, and feeling each and every fibre move as I focused intently on what I was sensing as I was being instructed through the lesson.

This is a magical self-experience. To feel freedom in the body. To feel more youthful, spry and alive is everyone's birthright, no matter what age you are at.

I went out dancing the following weekend. I couldn't believe how easy, and effortless it felt to move around the dance floor. I hadn't been dancing in years. I forgot how much fun it was to feel like I was floating as if I could be Ginger Rogers, and those women in the 1950's musicals I use to watch with my mom. I was in a cashmere sweater in a crowed place. I wasn't out of breath, I wasn't sweating, it was just easy.  It was a very beautiful night of flow, expression and freedom in my body.

From the website of:  Anat Baniel:

"Did you know that your level of energy and vitality is directly connected to your brain? When your brain thrives, growing and creating new connections, you’re invigorated, your body gets stronger and more flexible, and your mind becomes clearer and more supple. If you’re asking yourself what to do to get more energy and vitality, the answer is: wake up your brain to resume creating new connections and possibilities.

This is what the NeuroMovement® approach of the Anat Baniel Method℠ can do for you. Gentle movement exercises and the Nine Essentials of the method will wake up your brain to create new connections and patterns that will eliminate back, neck and joint pain,and increase your strength and flexibility. With this cutting-edge method, no matter your age, you will begin moving into life more fully and infuse your life with greater energy and joy."

I belive in Anat Baniel's theory of awakening the brain and transforming the way we move the body. I know there is great wisdom in allowing the brain and body to reorganize itself to become the most efficient, optimal, and fluid self that it can be. I look forward to learning more about the physics of our body and how our brain can grow new connections when given the opportunity.

If you found this blog interesting, please write to me, comment or "like" this blog.

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Financial Well-being

These eight points where posted on Dr. John Demartini's website.

I find it interesting that most leaders don't know what to write as a mission statement for their Company. Even more complicated is when you have multiple owners or a diverse leadership team, that cannot choose a direction. And why should they? Everyone is unique, however, what is going to drive the company forward? What will be the future legacy of the company? Why are we bothering to create a business at all?

Take a moment to read John's 8-step thought process.

The mission statement needs to be refined and reviewed so everybody in the company is aligned to it. (Lisa:  You need to be inspired by it, your staff needs to be moved by it, and called into action--that's a real increase in productivity if you can align their values with the Company's.)

  1. A mission statement is not meant to be an idealistic, intellectual statement designed to sound good in public. One of the most important things in building a business is a clear vision and certainty: the statement of purpose or mission of what you want to create. A mission statement is a statement from the core of the individual leader's heart on what they are inspired to do.
  2. A good mission statement essentially demands the soul and spirit of the leader. In order to be a good leader you must have vision, inspiration and purpose which leads to vitality, intensity and power. (Lisa: Case in point, what do you do when you have five leaders? You gather them in a room and get clear on who is going to lead the Company. Be bold, someone has to define what the main driving force is for the future.)
  3. The mission statement of a company is the inner most thoughts of the leader and it speaks to their core values. (Lisa:  THIER Core Values ... so whatever is the deepest and the strongest emotion for their WHY, WHY they care, and WHAT are they here to fulfill.)
  4. The inspiration of the company is directly proportionate to how vivid the vision and the statement is of what you would like to do. (Lisa: Boring vision, boring profits, unless you have been lucky. or even worse boring culture.)
  5. A leader must be appreciative of the opportunity they have to share the product service or idea of the Company. (Lisa: Service is the key. If you don't have a deep burning need to serve vast amounts of people, and then save a portion of that, you will never achieve financial freedom.)
  6. A successful company is one where the following is reflected on the staff; gratitude, vision and enthusiasm. The staff must be grateful to be at work and plan for it every morning, there must be a vision they can articulate without outside help and they must be enthusiastic - this is seen in the vibe of the workplace. (Lisa:  Happens in about 2% of the Company. Why is this?)
  7. Most people think terrestrially and look out celestially; like you have the world in your hands and imagine going from a greater sphere and look inwards. (Lisa: Hint, that's a vision/meditation you can do.)
  8. The masses of people wait to see things before they believe; the master believes things before they see it.  (Lisa: The Master also has a clear vision, a strategy, and takes action day by day until the goal is acheived.)

You cannot coerce people into working - you have to inspire them to work. An inspiring mission statement assists employees to know what they are working towards and aids productivity.

I am passionate about my role currently as New Business Development for the manufacturer Herman Miller. I am so inspired by the company, by their commitment to be a Global Leader, and the education and research they invest in. They are changing lives all around the world and they keep refining and redefining who they are.


What kind of questions to ask?

"Quality of your questions determines the quality of your life" -Dr. Demartini

Dr. John Demartini has spent his life researching the laws of the Universe. I have the privilege of attending his workshops and many of his presentations, here and in Houston. The most memorable encounter for me was at his first "Breakthrough Experience®" course many years ago. What I was introduced to was a fabulous way to look at life, by asking a series of questions, and thus balancing your thoughts and emotions by balancing out this equilibrium. 

There were alway "benefits" and "drawbacks" to any area of your life. If you looked long enough you would discover that there was this beautiful balance in the Universe that was neither "good nor bad, kind or cruel, positive or negative.."