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Weight Loss
Using the Value Determination exercises and ones' ability and willingness to discover any hidden subconscious strategies then we can remove the obstacles to losing weight and keeping it off. And from my experience many people do find that being fit, slim, etc. is NOT at the top of their values list. Once they uncover this truth (because their life is demonstrating what is most important) then they can get on with their lives and stop beating themselves up or learn how to link fitness/wellbeing to their highest core values.

“We LOVED your presentation and the girls were talking about it all day! Thank you so much for sharing that wisdom with us. It was really motivational and eye opening.” —Annie

Values Determination Workshops
People throw the word "values" around like it's something rather simple, however, most people don't understand where their values come from. They think it has to do with moral issues such as integrity, truth or kindness. Axiology is the most understudied "ology" of our times–it has everything to do with what you value and the worth you place on it.

Understanding your values means identifying what your life demonstrates and following that line of action, not the fantasy in your head or what others have told you. Many people are unfulfilled because they are not living a life that is congruent with what their thoughts, words and actions are revealing to them.

Once individuals discover their highest core values (which gives purpose and meaning to their lives), it can reveal any issues that may be contributing to vitality or depression (unmet fantasies and expectations) and anxiety (future fear or past remembered guilt). When we learn how to deal with stressful situations as they arise (finding the flow and challenge in any situation), then they can place new meaning to the jobs and tasks at hand, or find a new career that is aligned with their values.

I did the Values Determination Process with Lisa, and within one week I was invited for an interview for a Sr. Management position with compensation of $200,000. Even though this was an amazing opportunity, I realized after that what was truly most important to me was running my current business and finding ways to succeed at it.

I am still working on the “process” but I have some clear tools and quality questions to ask myself to keep me on track. I would recommend this class to anyone searching for clarity.

Lisa is amazing instructor who listens to her students’ needs. You feel free to ask questions and she is able to explain to you until you full understand the concepts. She has made my first training extremely enjoyable and I hope to have her as my instructor again in the future.–Tatiana

SRI - Somatic Respiratory Integration (Donny Epstein and Epienergetics)
Somatic means body, Respiratory is the breath, and Integration is weaving it all together. This system developed by Donny Epstein 30 years ago is a way to observe your breath, how your body moves and what it feels like to CONNECT or to TOUCH your body. We often have stored energy (information) locked in our body. And for good reason, when you needed to protect yourself when you were young from an alcoholic parent, abusive siblings or a father or bullying at school, you needed to close down those parts of your body that FELT the pain. It is a really intelligent system the body, it makes sure you can SURVIVE and adapt so that you can move on. However, moving on for most does not mean assimilating what happened, most of our brains could not rationalize the beating of a loved one or a verbal abuse from the one you looked up for to love and care for you.

When you develop pathways to a greater degree of self-reflective capacities, then you have a chance to heal and a chance to flourish. When living systems observe their present condition as it is now, then the efficiency of the system is capable of dissipating the stored tension and can self-organize. That is what we were designed for.

Practicing SRI for 10 minutes a day can reconnect you to that wounded child, the child who is always on defence, who has the armour on and who never takes any risks any more. Those people who chose vanilla one more time because it’s safe, predictable and they know what they are going to get. No surprises.

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