Chinese Cooking and my ENERGY Lesson

It is January 7th, 2018 today.

Yesterday was an interesting AWARENESS WIN.

I have noticed a smell in our hallways at times. At first I thought it was someone's garbage, as it smelt really strong and putrid. It went away, then would come back. However, I noticed that the smell was almost identical. Maybe it's Chinese Cooking? We have a lot of great ethnicitices in this 37 floor high-rise and the Chinese like to good interesting items with different spices than we use in the West.

So I thought how could I solve that? I plugged in a diffuser outside of my door with mint aromatherapy for about two hours. We came back and it hardly cut through the thickness of the smell. What about my Indian incense? So I set a holder outside my door and lit the smoke slowly drift into the hallway.

A knock came at the door an hour later. It was the security guard telling me that there was a complaint about MY SMELL. Hmmmm I thought. That's really interesting. I am offended by the cooking smell and they are offended by my incense smell. 

My immediate thought was to just put my incense inside my door and let it sneak out the cracks. Then I asked myself "is that a win win for both parties?" No it was not. So what solution could I create that would be a win win?

I thought about it yesterday and the whole day today. When I came home this afternoon and walked out of the elevator, out into that familiar smell, I said to myself "isn't it great that we have all of these great and different people in the building." And I kid you not, the smell changed to more clarity of spices and cooking than old garbage being left out. It was transcended in a way. 

That is a total breakthrough in two ways. One I didn't FIGHT or BEAT down the problem by trying to out smart it, or use my "sneaky" self to beat out the competition. (I was going to burn incense right near my door and hope that it would cover up the smell). I actually looked for a win win and asked how could I change my mindset?

That was a very freeing moment and it brings a smile to my face as I write this. I was grateful for the lesson. Celebrate the small wins and small awareness awakenings. 

I also noticed there was an underlying reaction as well because I had visitors come over on New Year's Eve and thought "oh my they are going to be revolted by the smell and think I live in this terrible place." Which was just an old thought wave from when I lived in less than desirable places. This is a very expensive high-rise building. So I can go to work on that as well. 

What a blessing in the lesson.

Lisa Marie - Let it be. Warrior Today.