ENERGY Win Yesterday

It's January 6th, 2018.

Big win for me yesterday in the ENERGY. I signed up my first client under my new product offering for TELOS Consulting Ltd.

I had created a new concept for my company that would now offer a "90 Days Sales Challenge" to companies who wanted to catapult their movement, momentum and financial success into 2018. 

I made a goal:  I am winning at attractant a minimum of 3-5 great, new, fun, exciting clients for the month of January, at $5000 Canadian per month for 3 months. With ease, flow, grace, reverence and better than I could imagine.

I met this amazing couple at a workshop. When I left I realized that I do see the world differently. I pick up on imbalances on all levels from marketing to words not communication the exact intent of the author, feng Shui, signage, paper thickness, you name it, I see it. However, I use to criticize and pick away at it in a way that was not productive. Seeing that something could be made better or could use refinement is a gift, however the greater gift is in HOW IT'S DELIVERED.

Well I had my first meeting with this great couple in Calgary on Friday. They own a successful upholstery business for cars. They are an amazing example of two people working together and fulfilling each other in a way that brings them abundance, fulfillment and love. I really feel grateful and blessed that the ENERGY brought them to me with my goal setting and constant action. (And side note: Thank you to Alexander Ford for making that initial connection through his one day course at SAIT that was absolutely amazing.)

The win is that I wrote a goal, TOOK ACTION, and stayed in the ENERGY flow and out of the Matrix and also documented my wins throughout the day. Because the Matrix likes you to feel like your not winning, so to let your brain know that you are winning, you WRITE WINS! You document your successes each time your WIN (they call them upticks), so that you do know you are winning at having a great life.

I continue the practice that I do each day with the ENERGY for SUCCESS tribe, by calling my clients each day at the same time. They get to share where they "WON" today and they get to build momentum with me as their guide, their witness and facilitator. I am not a coach. I am facilitation, so that you getting what you what. And you start to see that YOU WINNING AT THE GAME OF LIFE.

So I now show up with the ENERGY to deliver my wisdom, what I can see (like inefficiencies, boredom within the culture), use my creativity with fun, joy and reverence for others. That is a huge change with me since using the ENERGY. I have to stop and pause some times and just thank my lucky STARS that I crossed paths with Dr. B and the ENERGY for SUCCESS world tribe. 

This group really fuels me each day. I get on these amazing calls with people from all areas and walks of life, who SHARE their wins of the day, week or in the moment. This is so helpful that it just keeps the momentum going, so you don't fall off your surfboard. Ride the wave of life with ease and glide and have it be BETTER THAN you COULD HAVE IMAGINED day, week and year.

What if you could create the life you wanted, exactly the way you wanted it to unfold? What if you could get support that was magical and showed up in your life with ease? Well it's waiting for you. You just need to sign up, get into action and get the support you have been waiting for 365 days a year.

What are you waiting for?


Most Sincerely,

Lisa Marie Belter - Gung Ho Warrior Today.