My Journey with the ENERGY

It's January 3rd, 2018. 6:40 am.

I have moved Sarah and I to the East Village. This is a big change for the both of us. And it's true, you think the grass is greener when you don't appreciate what you have. You think that it's going to be all positive and then you realize a few things, that it's neither good nor bad that we moved. 

I can say though, that the SUNRISES that comes over the EAST bank are spectacular! I couldn't have asked for a better way to wake up in the morning than to see God's light shining through into my space. It's like getting an energy boost when you connect with our source energy.

If you really think about it, what WOULD you/we/I do without the sun? What kind of planet would this be without the sun? It would be cold and dark. Who wants cold and dark after the past few weeks of darkness as the hours were at the shortness and it was -40C with windchill?

I prefere to HONOR the sun. It feeds all things on this planet and lets us grow up and grow roots down. As above so below.

AND the FULL MOON, the largest of the SUPER MOONS was in full view out our front window. It was a golden egg yellow yesterday night as it came up past the horizon. For me the MOON is my MUSE. I love looking at the moon. On the FULL MOON on Monday, Sarah and sat on our balcony on the 12th floor dressed head to toe in snow gear and just sat, played and gazed at the moon. What a treasure to hold in my heart. Such a small thing, however to be able to be OUTSIDE on the super full moon in Cancer night was a dream come true. The city and all of it's lights, the Calgary Tower in a pattern of blues ... it was spectacular! Grateful for where I live and the view I have. So that is a BIG BIG win for me. That will fuel me for this whole month as I see the moon gentle wane back down to the New Moon.

I wanted to set a goal to journal each day something I can be grateful for, that showed up in my life because I am in FLOW and in the ENERGY. To document a win that came up for me while using the ENERGY. This is key.

For those of you who don't know about Dr. B and ENERGY for SUCCESS, well you are missing out on one of life's greatest discoveries. Dr. B is an amazing man. He has journeyed FOR US to CHINA, is a Grand MASTER, and is now sharing 5000 old ancient Chinese secrets. Just like the commercial once said.

His methodologies are simple, easy to use and the objective is to move your life FORWARD. You have a choice in each moment, each day of EXPANDING or CONTRACTING. What are you going to choose right now? What are you going to choose when you feel like crap or you feel anxiety or you feel like the world is going to end for you? 

How are you going to REACH for the ENERGY?

Simple. Do a 2 or 15 min exercise and get back into the flow. Get your body on line and in the zone not in the dead zone. Make a choice to SHIFT your awareness. "I am feeling like I am not going to make it today." Awareness. Now, ACTION. Write a goal:  "I am winning at expressing the best aspects of myself to my community with ease, flow and grace and most of all, FUN." Then you move into 2nd ACTION, you ACT. You do a quick breathing exercise by taking a breath and drawing it down to your feet to get replanted. You send that energy down into the EARTH and draw back up it's source energy into your body and radiate it out. Just a quick reconnection with the ENERGY. It's simple and there are no excuses for not doing a 20 second thought exercise. Keep going and build momentum until you feel that shift. Even if you have to set your timer on your Apple watch every 15 minutes to remind you to BREATH. STOP holding your breath. BREATH.

Once you see how easy it is to REACH for the ENERGY and get back on your surfboard, the more fun, vitality and enjoyment you will be having throughout your day. It will just FLOW. It will just be easier. Life doesn't have to be hard. Write a goal! "I am winning at life being easy, fun and full of adventure!" I am not saying there will not be challenges. It's how you dance around your challenges that makes all the difference.

I made a goal to get up each day and do some kind of exercises, be it meditation, journaling, writing, meditations or listening to Dr. B's videos to GET IN THE ENERGY from 6:00 am until 6:40 am. So far so amazing. I am in the flow this am. I am sharing my story day by day. Which also was triggered and nudged by a movie Sarah and I watched on New Year's Day. Julie and Julia. Where a blogger writes about her daily experiences while cooking Julia Child's recipes each day. It's like a marathon for 365 days. She builds, and builds a community until she finally reaches her goal. Tell you the truth I didn't watch the end, however I can only imagine that Julia Child must come for dinner in the end, or they meet some how. 

So why not do my own blog each day while I am in the ENERGY and share the transformation that will occur and see the magic that can and will unfold in my life. Journaling is the best remedy for getting what is in your mind onto paper, out in space and time so to speak. To make the intangible, tangible.

I signed up for ENERGY for SUCCESS on the Winter's Solstice, and then by the time logistics got set up on the other end, as I registered with the wrong link, it became official that I registered on Christmas Eve Day, which is just as fabulous. I re-set the year with an ACTION to make my life all that it could be. To live a full life. The life I know exists.

More importantly I joined a COMMUNITY. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton has always been saying this. FORM a community of like minded people that you want to BUILD something with. So I finally found it, I found the kind of community that believes in possibility, reaching all of your goals, have an extraordinary life based in REALITY. A community that believes in ACTION and setting goals. A community who SUPPORTS and cheers each other on each and every day. 365 days a year. 

I mean this community is on the PHONE on a conference call 365 days a year! Can you imagine that kind of phone support? Unheard of. Dr. B is brilliant. Thank you for this.

You get on a call each day with one of Dr. B's fabulous facilitators and you listen and share your win(s) for the day. It catapults you into a mindset of "let's get going!" and let's get moving into the light EXPANDING not focusing on what's NOT working.

I spent so much of my past complaining and criticizing others about what could be better. Well people (and i am taking to myself first here) you need to get on the FIELD to play. It's no good complaining from the rush seats when you could be contributing and PARTICIPATING and making things better for everyone with your talent with your awareness with your gifts.

I have seen this in my relationships too. No wonder I am not married. I spend my time beating these poor guys up and punishing them for being human or having quirks or NOT DOING it the way I wanted or thought was right. Shutting down. Not communication. Fighting, yelling, arguing. This is not the LIGHT source, that is the Matrix. Where do you want to play?

Man did I have some great MEN come into my life. I got rid of them with my criticizing and picking away at their self-esteem and condemning them for NOT being perfect. What a trap that is. STAY out of the MATRIX trap ladies and start infusing your men with your LIGHT and LOVE. That is the feminine gift. SHE is the FLOW, you are the love, the movement forward. Birth something GREAT each day and receive the love, be open to love, accept love, cherish love.

So what are you waiting for? What are you going to compliment your man on today? Any man for that matter. When are you going to light up like a Christmas tree when that man opens the door for you or let's you in line at the checkout? 

Men need a LIGHT SHOW, so why not give it to them? Nothing better than a woman who is filled with joy and light to smile back and say thank you with her whole body. This is simple.

This is simple MATH. 1+1 = 2

Keep adding to that math equation by the little steps each day. BUILDING momentum is the key. Stay on your surfboard! You may have to dance back with a wave, however let your body flow with ease and ride the wave of life with full glory.

I had yet another ephany on SUNDAY. I took Sarah my six year old daughter to Westside King's Church because she loves JESUS. And I don't know how or where, but she loves JESUS. And it's her that brought the church back into my life. And this is about COMMUNITY and staying in the energy. Ever notice how you go to church and then when you leave you usually feel better? You feel a sense of peace some how? Well that's the ENERGY working with you.

ENERGY is a partnership. You both give 50%. You put in your ACTIONS, exercises into the day and especially when you don't feel like it. That's when it counts in a relationship. Easy to do when you feel great to smile and put your best self forward. But when it's one of those crazy hairy days, well that's when you get tested to pull from your inner resources, and REACH for the energy to FUEL you back into flow. It's simple.

OH ya, the ephany I had at Church. I am standing up with Sarah in front of me. We are swaying back and forth with the live music. And they have an amazing band, let me tell you. It moved me, the blonde singer moved me that day.

I had this thought of "my purpose is to share the light" and I am already doing it. I am already on purpose. This is my purpose, share the light, and share my authentic self using the light. Express all of my dreams and my desires. 

How easy is that? Build community, build greatness, build change, make a difference on this planet by infusing it with LIGHT and LOVE and JOY and for sure ... FUN! Why not have fun while we are living here on this planet? 

Side note/memory: The most bliss I can have is when I am on the golf course in PHX with my sister Terri. We are laughing, playing and cheering each other on. Talking about only things girls really want to hash and rehash and laugh about. We are being active, we are PLAYING, we are being together, we are family. My best days ever, laughing with Terri. So blessed to have her as my sister.

So here we go today. Here we go being in full throttle in the ENERGY. Being that light source and taking ACTION to get what I want out of life. To teach, to share, to engage, to explore, to have fun and be more than you ever thought possible. To have the best day ever as Mr. Avocado would say.

So today is going to be a great day. I am counting my WINS, and I already have a few ... got up when I said I would 6 am. Did 3 12 minute meditations, did some body exercises, documented the wins to keep the flow going, made some ACTIONABLE goals today to get me to where I want to be long term.

The big goal for today, is to revamp my COURSES section on my website so it reflects the opportunities I have to teach and share this methodology with others. Make some calls to move things forward (Suzanne, Mogens, Brian, Gillian.)

Don't wait. Take some action, no matter how small to set the ENERGY in the right direction, the right flow. Be EXPANDING today.

Have a great day—create it the way you want to live a life of being in the ZONE!

Lisa Marie - Today: Lightening Warrior.